How to reduce employee stress

How to reduce employee stress

Heightening stress levels is a growing concern in the United States. In fact, studies by the American Institute of Stress discovered that a quarter of all American workers cited their job as the “number one stressor” in their lives. Even more worrying for managers is that workplace burnout can adversely affect employee health, productivity, and retention.

To avoid this damage to employee productivity and engagement, we outline a few key tips to reducing stress in the workplace.

Set clear, reasonable goals and expectations

Being vague in your goals, desires, and overall vision for the company can leave plenty of workers floundering, unsure of what their tasks or objectives should be.

By setting concrete targets and expectations, employees can operate with greater focus. This also helps keep them on the right track throughout projects, avoiding unnecessary setbacks or redos due to misguided approaches or incompatible end visions. They’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re on the right path, working toward the same goal as everyone else.

It’s also important, however, to be reasonable in your objectives. Few things stress out employees more than being expected to do things beyond their knowledge and capabilities. Be clear on your goals, but also consider the available skills, resources, and manpower you currently have.

Provide remote working options

According to Mental Health America, remote workers claimed to experience less stress due to reduced commute times and workplace distractions. There’s also no denying that remote work offers serious productivity benefits and gives employees the freedom to work in a comfortable, stress-free environment.

If your business can adapt to remote work arrangements, why not implement them for the improved well-being of your team?

With today’s cloud-reliant landscape, enabling remote work has never been easier. Cloud project management and communication tools such as Asana and Microsoft Teams, for example, empower your employees to share files, conduct meetings, and collaborate with one another from anywhere with an internet-enabled device. With current employees prioritizing flexibility in their careers, leveraging these tools and remote work arrangements can lead to greater satisfaction, engagement, and less stress.

Ensure a strong cybersecurity system

Ensuring strong, digital protection for all employees can greatly reduce anxieties over potential data breaches. With cybercrimes only getting more sophisticated, it’s imperative to have the latest, updated tech to keep your information safe and secure.

A study by Kaspersky Lab found that 81% of Americans currently deal with the “cyber stress” of possibly having their data hacked or stolen.

You can alleviate these common anxieties by keeping security top-of-mind in the workplace. Ensure your business has the appropriate policies, equipment, and software in place to fend off current and emerging threats, and train workers regularly on security best practices.

By implementing proper protective measures, and ensuring everyone does their part in keeping the workplace secure, you and your team won’t have to deal with the stress of a major cyberattack.

Encourage upskilling

Finally, it helps to boost your employees’ overall workplace confidence by encouraging opportunities to upskill. By keeping their abilities up to date and competitive, workers can feel more self-assured, productive, and valued in the workplace. Having a more confident, positive outlook on their performance and contributions can successfully aid in reducing work-related stress and anxiety levels.

The rise of eLearning now also grants workers a wide range of flexible training opportunities, helping them achieve a better balance of work, personal, and professional development responsibilities. With complete courses accessible from the comfort of their own home, workers can successfully update their skills at a time, place, and schedule that best suits them.

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