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Say goodbye to generic services and start working with technology that truly reflects your needs.

When you’re not getting the best services and support, it’s easy to feel frustrated with your IT. Constantly reacting to issues means decreased productivity, and in some cases downtime. We know that you need technology that works for you, to keep operations running smoothly and effectively. That’s why Founders Technology Group provides IT solutions geared towards your needs; and we take care of absolutely everything.

Modern technology offers a wide range of benefits and improvements for businesses, and Founders Technology Group ensures you’re fully leveraging the power of our services to help your business thrive.

Don’t settle for less than the best; for a fully managed technology experience, from start to finish, reach out to Founders Technology Group at info@founderstech.com or (860) 256-8197.

  • Technology should be propelling you forward, not holding you back. Founders Technology Group gets to know your operations, processes, and goals for the future – from there, we implement a strategic, long-term plan for your IT.
  • With the right solutions and reliable support, you start using technology to meet and exceed goals. Founders Technology Group ensures you’re working with innovative and cost-effective tools that make sense for you.
  • We understand that most business owners aren’t tech experts, so you’ll never get over-complicated technical jargon from us – we make sure you understand our services and solutions.
  • There’s no question about it: a proactive approach is the best way to stay safe. We implement the most comprehensive security tools, from spam protection to network security, to keep your data safe.

Whether you’re in healthcare, law, manufacturing, or any other number of fields – Founders Technology Group is here to help. We ensure you’re working with the best technology for your unique needs; with strategic IT planning and around-the-clock support, your business finally gets the best odds for success and longevity.

Reach out to Founders Technology Group at info@founderstech.com or (860) 256-8197 to discuss the benefits of our IT services for your Connecticut business.

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