Technology Vulnerability and IT Risk Assessments

Looking to discover the weaknesses in your IT Security and learn how to use technology safely?

Contact Founders Technology Group to schedule a vulnerability and risk assessment!

Be certain there are no weak points in your IT infrastructure! We’re here to help you find out what steps are necessary for total security with a vulnerability and risk assessment:

  • Compliance testing to ensure security settings, protocols and procedures follow industry rules and regulations
  • Analysis of internal security products and settings to discover aging systems, missing 3rd party patches, and other security issues
  • Analysis of business operations and computing procedures to locate practices that could lead to data breaches
  • External security testing to attempt to break through defenses with penetration testing
  • Determine what is needed to improve security, including establishing safer computing protocols, updating settings, and purchasing up to date equipment

Unlock the potential of your business with innovative IT solutions from Founders Technology Group.

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