Backup and Business Continuity Services To Ensure Your Organization’s Data Is Protected.

Disasters are inevitable and uncontrollable – from cyber attack to natural disaster to human error.

You can’t control when disaster strikes, but you can control the OUTCOME of disaster. Our Founders Guardian solution keeps you ready to recover and continue working, no matter what comes your way.

Your business must always prepare for the worst because the longer you go without your technology, the more money and time you’re wasting, and the greater the risk of having to close your doors permanently. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to peace of mind:

  • Keep your server, data, applications, and more backed up
  • Store backups in the cloud to prepare for onsite disasters that damage equipment
  • Store backups on an in-office device for quick and easy recovery whenever necessary
  • Create a business continuity plan that outlines staff procedures and policies when disaster strikes
  • Test and monitor all backups to ensure they can be used, without failure, in the event of disaster
  • Run a business continuity “fire drill” on a regular basis to make sure you’re always ready

It’s time to get prepared with a backup and business continuity plan that fits your company’s needs.

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