What is Microsoft Viva and how does it benefit your organization?

What is Microsoft Viva and how does it benefit your organization?

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the work environment, paving the way for the rise of remote and hybrid work arrangements. While such work setups enabled companies to stay operational amid the resulting lockdowns and enjoy other benefits, they have also introduced new business challenges, such as the following:

  • Employees cannot easily find the information they need since the company is using multiple, disconnected online tools for work.
  • Employees feel isolated and disconnected from their colleagues.
  • Teams find it challenging to collaborate and communicate with one another.
  • Managers are having difficulty ensuring the well-being and excellent performance of their team members.

Fortunately, companies can address these challenges with Microsoft Viva.

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What is Microsoft Viva?

Launched in early 2021, Microsoft Viva is an employee experience platform that helps businesses support all of their employees — including remote workers — from onboarding and collaboration to career development. It brings communications, resources, learning, and insights together in a single platform that is powered by Microsoft 365 and integrated with Teams for a seamless workflow.

Microsoft Viva has various modules:

  1. Viva Engage – allows employees to connect with one another through communities and conversations
  2. Viva Engage Leadership Corner – lets employees connect with the company’s leaders by joining Ask Me Anything or other similar events, answering surveys, and participating in two-way dialogues with leadership and colleagues
  3. Viva Connections – enables employees to access company news, conversations, and resources
  4. Viva Topics – makes it easy for employees to find the information they need by automatically organizing content and expertise across the company
  5. Viva Learning – lets employees discover, share, recommend, and learn from content libraries across the company
  6. Viva Insights – provides managers with data-driven, actionable insights to improve employee productivity and well-being
  7. Viva Pulse – enables managers to request regular, confidential feedback from their team to help them determine what is and is not working and the steps they should take to address such issues
  8. Viva Goals – allows the company and its departments and employees to set aligned goals
  9. Viva Amplify – helps the internal communications team write messages that resonate with employees, publish to multiple channels simultaneously (e.g., Outlook, SharePoint), manage communications campaigns, and analyze campaign performance to improve future communications
  10. Viva Sales – combines the company’s customer relationship management solution, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft 365 to empower the sales team

How can companies benefit from using Microsoft Viva?

Microsoft Viva brings a host of benefits to businesses, including:

Centralizes all company data and other resources

With Microsoft Viva, businesses can centralize all company data and resources into one platform. Viva Topics, in particular, leverages artificial intelligence to identify and automatically organize company data into curated topic pages. This helps employees easily find the content they need and turn it into usable knowledge.

Improves communication and collaboration among teams

With Microsoft Viva, businesses can create virtual communities that allow employees to easily connect and share information with one another. It also enables members to quickly share ideas and collaborate on projects.

Boosts employee engagement and productivity

Viva Pulse and Viva Insights help managers gather data and gain insights on how they can improve employee performance and well-being, and which steps they need to prioritize to improve employee experience.

Fosters a culture of inclusion and transparency

​Microsoft Viva allows employees to easily express their ideas and voice out their concerns and even have a two-way dialogue with the organization's leaders. At the same time, top management can use the platform to keep everyone up to date on what's happening in the company as well as nurture the company culture.

Ensures alignment with overall company goals

With Viva Goals, teams and individuals can track progress toward shared objectives and ensure better alignment across the business.

Offers easy access to career development opportunities

Viva Learning provides employees with access to learning resources, such as courses, video tutorials, and articles. It also offers a personalized learning path based on the employee’s individual career development goals.

Should you implement Microsoft Viva for your company?

Microsoft Viva is an excellent business platform that helps employees stay informed, connected, engaged, and productive even when they are working remotely. By leveraging the many features of the platform, you can effectively support your employees throughout their career journey and maximize business outcomes.

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