5 Savvy Gmail features you should try

Today, over 1.8 billion people use Gmail, choosing it over other email services for its ease of use and productivity-boosting capabilities. They’ll be surprised to learn that they can still take their Gmail experience up a notch by putting the following features to use. Undo Send In the fast-paced world of business, mistakes happen. And […]

Your password may not be secure — update it now

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) once said that a good password consisted of three things: upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. However, the NIST has now reversed its stance on good passwords. Here’s why and what they are now recommending. The problem The issue isn’t that the NIST advised people to […]

The benefits of using thin clients

If you’re looking to equip your army of Southington office workers with computers, you’ll incur a huge expense if you provide them with full-fledged PCs. Alternatively, issuing thin clients will save your company a lot of money.
First of all, what are thin clients?
Having only one processor, no hard drives, and no memory storage, thin clients are barer or lightweight versions of traditional PCs, which are bulkier and are therefore also called fat or thick clients.

How updated firmware keeps cyberattacks at bay

Your business may have all the latest cybersecurity solutions in place, but if you haven’t updated your computers’ firmware in a while, you may still be at risk of data breaches and other cyberattacks. Here’s how updating firmware can beef up your company’s cyber defenses. What is firmware? Firmware is a basic type of software […]

Master OneNote in no time

OneNote is a useful program that lets you create and share digital notebooks containing handwritten or typed notes, drawings, screen clippings, audio commentaries, and more. This takes your note-taking to another level, allowing you to integrate multimedia as well as share notes and collaborate with other users. Here’s how you can master this app. Organize […]

Here are 8 after-shift rituals your remote workers can do to unplug from work

For some people who work from home, going back and forth between their professional and personal lives is as easy as flipping a mental switch. Referred to as “work-life integrators,” these are the people who can start knocking out tasks in the morning, focus on a grueling workout after lunch, perhaps take an afternoon nap, then dive straight back to work after dinner.