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Start using technology to exceed your own expectations; Founders Technology Group helps you thrive with unique services and reliable support.

Business is all about strategy, and when you’re using technology to work, it should be no different. That’s why you can’t afford to work with an IT partner who doesn’t really think ahead. Founders Technology Group plans strategically for your future, by getting to know your processes, goals, budgets, and the biggest obstacles that our services will help you overcome.

Your Raleigh business needs unique solutions designed to give you the push you need. We work with you every step of the way, providing guidance and support to help make sure your technology is always working for you.

Get in touch with Founders Technology Group at info@founderstech.com or (860) 256-8197 to get set up with a team of skilled and reliable IT experts.

  • We understand why so many companies get frustrated with IT – when you’re not working with the right services, you’re often facing a number of obstacles. With the right IT, problems are solved instead of created.
  • Founders Technology Group works to improve your operations, helping you to increase productivity, streamline tasks, maximize your budget and keep your sensitive data secure.
  • We make sure you’re leveraging the full power of the solutions we provide. When nothing is holding you back, you start meeting and exceeding goals with the use of technology.
  • Data backups and business continuity solutions give you peace of mind knowing that despite so many lingering threats online, your livelihood is always protected.
  • With Help Desk Services, issues are dealt with as soon as they arise. Our team of technicians is always eager to help, so you never have to hesitate to reach out.
  • Founders Technology Group takes care of all your IT needs, from implementation to management and maintenance. We offer our years of expertise to help ensure your business is always moving forward and staying protected.

Reach out to Founders Technology Group at info@founderstech.com or (860) 256-8197 to start discussing the best IT services and support available for your Raleigh business.

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