IT Support for Manufacturing Firms

The manufacturing industry in New England is more competitive than ever!

As you deal with off-shore conglomerations competing for business, you need to take advantage of every asset to stay ahead?

What’s the secret to remaining competitive while still providing the best service to your customers? Information technology designed specifically for your business, so you keep IT costs low, productivity high, and operations running smoothly.

Founders Technology Group specializes in providing technology solutions and service for manufacturing and distribution firms across New England. We’ll help you get the most out of your IT budget and stop worrying about IT issues slowing down production. Call (860) 256 8197 or send us an email:

Our job is to take care of everything related to IT for you. Treat us as a complete extension of your business – an IT department without the stress or hassle of hiring internal staff.

  • All your IT services and support at one flat-rate, predictable monthly fee
  • Guidance on spending your IT budget wisely on the right IT for your needs
  • Support and integration of your CRM and ERP systems, including Sage
  • Proactive maintenance and monitoring to stop IT issues before they drag productivity down
  • Support from our Help Desk on any IT issue you or your staff face, available by phone, email, or online
  • Backup and disaster recovery planning to help you resume operations quickly and efficiently after disaster
  • Mobilized data access so sales staff can easily use business apps and records outside the office
  • Protection from unauthorized access of corporate data or potential breaches with high-grade IT security

Don’t settle for less than you deserve – keep the wheels of business running with reliable IT solutions from Founders Technology Group!

Call us at (860) 256 8197 or send us an email:

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