Top Reasons Nonprofits Should Adopt Cloud Technology

Top Reasons Nonprofits Should Adopt Cloud Technology

Nonprofit organizations have traditionally been slow to take up new technology for obvious reasons. With strict budgetary constraints and a heavy reliance on charitable donations, they face unique challenges when it comes to upgrading their technology infrastructures.

However, there’s plenty to get excited about when it comes to cloud computing and nonprofits. Given that the need for technological innovation has long been a thorn in the side of charitable organizations, the cloud presents many important solutions. Here are a few reasons why every nonprofit should be setting their sights on the cloud:

Reduced Technology Costs

One of the greatest strengths of cloud computing is that it greatly reduces costs and gives nonprofits the opportunity to implement a technology infrastructure that was previously available only to for-profit businesses with significant budgets.

The steady pace of evolution in the world of technology makes it virtually impossible for nonprofits to keep up, or at least that’s the case if they’re relying on in-house systems. The cloud offers great potential when it comes to reducing upfront costs and having control over long-term expenditures. That’s because hosted systems don’t require any maintenance on the part of the end user, and they’re always kept current.

Ability to Scale

Nonprofits often balk when they find themselves suddenly facing increased demand. Since it’s usually too expensive to upgrade in-house software and hardware to meet this increased demand, nonprofits often run into periods of reduced efficiency where they are unable to spend their available funds in the most appropriate manner.

With cloud technology, nonprofits can enjoy the same degree of flexibility that large businesses can. The ability to scale back and forth with demand also translates into much better control over your budget and the ability to keep your operations running smoothly even during periods of rapid growth.

Increased Mobility

Many nonprofit volunteers and employees work from home or on the move. With the cloud on your side, almost any internet-connected device can be used to the same effect when all your employees need to access your apps and data is a browser. This is especially important given that many volunteers also have full-time jobs, which makes it impractical for them to be tied to specific working hours and places.

Given that nonprofit workers often have limited time at their disposal and need to fill multiple roles, there’s also the greatly increased need for simplified management and flexibility. The cloud offers a centralized and easily accessible approach that makes support easier and the experience much more productive. Since all workers will be using the same version of the same software, that’s automatically kept up to date by the vendor, there’s minimal need for any extra input from a dedicated IT person or department.

Better Security

If the thought of putting your data in the hands of a third party concerns you, then you’re not alone. However, it’s a common misconception that migrating to the cloud means sacrificing data integrity and security. The reality is that any reputable cloud vendor will have all the security and disaster-recovery measures in place necessary to ensure that your apps and data are in the best hands.

By contrast, reliance on in-house infrastructure means you’ll be limited by your budgetary constraints and presence of in-house expertise. For nonprofits, that’s a bad idea, since it’s unlikely you’ll have the budget necessary to implement the sort of enterprise-grade security you need to combat new and emerging threats. In fact, you can compare placing your data with a reputable cloud provider to placing your assets into a bank vault.

At Founders Technology, we understand that every nonprofit relies on its ability to carry out many of the same processes that profitable businesses do, albeit within much lower budgets. That’s why we offer cloud technology that aligns with your vision and your budget. Call us today to find out more.