Why it’s smart to outsource your IT to an MSP

Why it’s smart to outsource your IT to an MSP

If you’re a business owner, you know how important it is to keep costs under control. The hard part is finding ways to do it while getting good returns on your investments, whatever they may be. But one area with plenty of opportunities to run lean and still succeed is in your office IT, especially with respect to daily maintenance and technical support.

A Managed Services Provider -- or an MSP to those in the know -- is an affordable way to ensure your company email never crashes, your phone lines never go down, and your Internet is always available with fast, uninterrupted connections. In short, when you outsource your IT to an MSP, they’ll make your technology work the way it should -- all day, every day.

All of your IT can be outsourced

Most people running a small- or medium-sized business are too busy with daily operations and taking care of customers to worry about their IT. In those cases it’s possible, and indeed advisable, to outsource their entire technology infrastructure.

This includes their computers and servers, mobile devices and WiFi connections, software applications and databases, and even their websites and special hi-tech projects. Because when we say “entire technology infrastructure,” we mean everything.

It may seem strange to turn everything over to another company, but it’s fairly straightforward. MSPs have teams full of technical experts certified in all areas of office IT, and they employ technology tools that allow them to “connect in” to your office and monitor your systems over the Internet.

“Managed Services” are outsourced IT

A good MSP like Founders Technology offers a la carte services for companies that need reactive maintenance and repairs, but also buffet-style services for companies that need proactive maintenance and repairs.

The latter is available via our comprehensive “Managed Services” plans. They’re like having an outsourced IT department at your disposal 24/7, and they’re available at price points that work for any sized budget.

Instead of being billed every time you or one of your employees calls to have something repaired, you’ll pay a monthly fee -- a fee that ensures you receive a service, just like your other utilities. But unlike your other utilities, your Managed Services are billed at an affordable, fixed amount. Predictability anyone?

Benefits beyond simplicity and savings

A standard Managed Services plan will include 24/7 monitoring of everything in your office IT arsenal. That’s the proactive piece at work, keeping every bit of hardware and software online and up to date.

It guarantees that your employees experience computer issues far less frequently, with the number of times they’ll have to deal with technology that doesn’t work decreasing toward zero, and their productivity on a daily, weekly, monthly basis increasing to new heights.

What’s more, there’s a prudential aspect to Managed Services that has to do with safety. When your MSP’s technicians -- who are generally certified cybersecurity experts -- take care of your technology, they’ll be tasked with protecting your network from hacker attacks.

What about your customers?

The protections provided by your MSP’s cybersecurity experts -- round-the-clock monitoring, real-time data backups, routine scanning, resilient firewalls, and antivirus software -- benefit your employees, of course, but they also benefit your customers.

Think of all the things that could go wrong for them if a hacker were able to get inside your network perimeter and wreak havoc. Are you yourself prepared to deal with the eCommerce engine on your website crashing, your own email server spamming customers, and their credit card data being stolen and used fraudulently?

Or would you feel more comfortable knowing professionals were handling your cybersecurity proactively so none of these things could even occur in the first place?

And what about you?

We haven’t even mentioned the opportunity cost you’ll save when you don’t have to set up computers and servers, update software apps and operating systems, and protect your network from hackers.

Nor have we mentioned the peace of mind you’ll gain from knowing your office IT tasks are being handled by experienced, certified professionals. Like the staff employed by Founders Technology, who provide technical expertise and strive to make it crystal clear to our clients why it’s so smart to outsource your IT to an MSP. Call us today.