How to Choose the Right VoIP Service for Your Business

How to Choose the Right VoIP Service for Your Business

With landline subscriptions falling dramatically, it’s clearer than ever that voice-over-internet telephony (VoIP) is the new standard in business communications. Given that having a reliable telephone system is a key to the success of any modern business, it’s important that you choose a scalable and flexible solution that will work for your company for years to come. That’s why you need a communications infrastructure that aligns with the unique goals of your organization.

Before you can shortlist potential service providers, you’ll need to consider your specific business needs while also taking into consideration your existing systems. After all, any successful technology implementation must be able to work within your operating environment and budget, meet the needs of your customers, and account for limitations of your in-house IT personnel.

Let’s start with a few questions to guide you in the right direction:

  • Does your business require a scalable system that aligns with future goals like expanding into new locations or working with remote employees?
  • Does your company have a mobile workforce in which people need to be able to collaborate easily without geographical boundaries becoming a hindrance?
  • How much does your company rely on telecommunications? If you primarily communicate by email or other methods, more providers will be able to meet your needs.
  • How much internet bandwidth do you have available? You’ll need a faster internet connection for optimal call quality and a high volume of users.

Scaling your telecommunications infrastructure with demand

The most critical consideration when choosing the right VoIP service is whether you want an in-house system or a cloud-hosted one. Generally, larger companies with dedicated IT departments build their own systems complete with server infrastructure and all the other hardware they need. In theory, this offers maximum control, but it can also be expensive for most small businesses as it requires regular in-house maintenance as well as costly upgrades. Furthermore, it lacks the scalability and flexibility of a cloud-hosted system that’s accessible from anywhere.

For most small businesses, a hosted VoIP solution works best, not just because it costs a great deal less, but also because it’s highly scalable. Since you’ll typically be paying a monthly per-user subscription fee, you can easily add and subtract users as needed. Moreover, it’s ideal for businesses with remote workers or ones planning to expand into new areas or new offices. Because the entire infrastructure is hosted in the cloud all your users need is any internet-connected device with a headset to make calls.

Which other features are important to you?

The flexible nature of VoIP solutions means they can be tailored to use in a wide variety of environments, from large-scale call centers to companies that use coworking spaces and have employees and partners in multiple locations.

For example, built-in call forwarding and auto attendants ensure that people calling in get to speak to the right person or department right away, regardless of whether the recipient is sitting at their office desk, at home, or using a smartphone on the move.

Many business VoIP solutions also feature in-call coaching and onboarding for new employees. For example, a common feature called “Whisper” allows supervisors to provide guidance to customer service reps without interrupting or being heard by the person calling in.

Of course, all VoIP systems also provide call monitoring and recording, and many provide additional collaboration and training calls. Another useful innovation to have is integrated video conferencing, particularly if you have a scattered workforce and need to collaborate effectively with people spread over a wide geographic area.

Having a reliable telephone service is essential for the success of any business, and that’s why Founders Technology Group provides tailored VoIP solutions to organizations in New Haven, Hartford, and across Eastern Connecticut. Contact us today to get started.