VoIP as a tool for increasing customer satisfaction

VoIP as a tool for increasing customer satisfaction

Businesses and consumers demand instant gratification. Whether it’s free next-day shipping or instant customer service, people aren’t interested in waiting around when they’re spoiled for choice and can decide at the drop of a hat to choose one of your competitors instead.

When it comes to sales and customer support, not everyone wants to send an email or open a ticket online in the hope that someone will eventually respond. Similarly, if customers are looking for sales advice, they might prefer to speak to a real person rather than communicate with an on-site chatbot.

In short, the success of your business depends heavily on its ability to communicate promptly and effectively in the medium of your customer’s choice. Sometimes, that involves a telephone call. When that’s the case, there’s nothing that gets current or potential customers riled up more than waiting in a queue with no end in sight.

Helping customers speak to the right person quickly

Smaller businesses typically don’t have the complicated and expensive on-site PBX systems that large enterprises have had for decades. Instead, they often still rely on the humble landline, through which callers are greeted with an endless dial tone or useless message whenever the line is busy.

Potential and existing customers want to speak to the right person quickly when they call in. Patience is at an all-time low, and no one likes waiting in line only to be sent to the wrong extension. VoIP isn’t just a telephony solution — it’s a virtual receptionist that makes sure callers get to speak to the right person as quickly as possible.

Optimizing internal workflows for faster response times

Optimizing internal workflows has a knock-on effect on customer satisfaction, since it frees up employees’ time to serve their customers better. That’s more efficient than having them handle trivial technical issues.

Additionally, due to the scalable and flexible nature of cloud-hosted VoIP solutions, organizations can empower their mobile workforces with the ability to access their communications infrastructure online. For example, if an employee is out of the office, incoming calls may be rerouted from their deskphone to a smartphone or home phone.

Improving service quality with in-call training

Training customer service and sales representatives on how to use the telephone once necessitated a lengthy onboarding processes. This no longer needs to be the case thanks to the built-in coaching features introduced by modern, enterprise-grade VoIP solutions.

With VoIP capabilities on your side, onboarding new members of your team is easier and faster than ever. In addition to recording calls for training purposes, supervisors can “whisper” to employees while they’re taking calls without interrupting the conversation.

Preventing old technology from holding you back

A single telephone line can only do so much, even if you have multiple extensions to help callers speak to the right member of staff. Eventually, there comes a time when growing businesses demand a more sophisticated and scalable system. This usually happens when the business is expanding into new areas or working with customers and partners internationally.

Old technology, especially something as outdated as landline telephony, is a prime example of the sort of system that can stifle future growth. Without VoIP, it’s almost impossible to maintain a flexible and mobile workforce, provide the level of support that your customers expect, and scale up affordably with the increasing demands of a growing business.

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