How to design your office for maximum productivity

How to design your office for maximum productivity


How you design your office has an enormous impact on employee productivity and morale. A far cry from those soulless cubicle farms of old, the modern office should be a place that inspires the highest levels of creativity and productivity. But naturally, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. The perfect office environment will depend on the needs of your employees and your brand culture. These guidelines should help you get started:

Accommodate different working styles

The modern workplace has experienced a sharp culture shift over the previous decades. With the changing technology landscape, remote working has moved from being a rare employee perk to a valuable productivity trend. While this trend is becoming increasingly common, it’s still only an option for certain kinds of businesses.

Some organizations prefer an open plan, where employees are allowed to do remote work at a schedule that benefits the rest of the team. But not every task is well suited to such an environment. If your employees choose to work at the office, you must have a conducive working space where they can focus on individual work without distractions.

Add personality to your workspaces

If you have the space and budget, consider creating a workplace that’s aesthetically pleasing. It should capture the personality of your brand and the sort of business culture you want to create. Consider the following elements to add character to a bland office space:

  • Color – Adding color can significantly impact mood. Whether you need to repaint your office or go for a complete color-design overhaul, there are quick and easy ways to do it. You can even use patterned rugs or carpets or choose fabrics and upholstery that match your brand color scheme while adding some flair to the workplace.
  • Space – Many businesses have started to follow a more open-door culture at work. Traditional cubicles become barriers to collaboration and limit creative discussion. Consider designing a more open-concept workplace or use movable walls to allow your employees to interact with one another and to encourage better communication.

Don’t neglect ergonomics

The safety and physical well-being of your employees is paramount to productivity and morale. If people aren’t comfortable, it could be difficult for them to focus and engage. Ergonomics should be a top priority when defining your office layout and choosing furniture. With a documented ergonomics program, you can enhance productivity and the quality of work and reduce employee turnover.

Office chairs, for example, should have excellent lumbar support and be fully adjustable, and desks should be just the right height. You should also provide standing desks for employees to prevent them from sitting for long hours.

Provide a place to unwind

Every office should have a recreational area where people can unwind during their downtime. Creating a comfortable social area is often something that gets neglected, but business leaders need to remember that taking a break is also an important part of the working day.

Providing a space where employees can share lunch, hold informal meetings, or just have a quick coffee break is something every business needs to do. Just be sure to keep it separate from the rest of the workspace to avoid distractions and high noise levels.

Bring in some nature

If your workspace looks like a post-apocalyptic concrete bunker, all but the most desensitized employees are going to hate it. Natural light is essential for health and comfort, so when you’re choosing an office to buy or rent, always make sure there are plenty of large windows. Make it more natural by adding plenty of plants. Using natural materials for things like flooring and furniture can also lend personality to the office by making it look less industrial or clinical.

If you’re planning on moving offices anytime soon, keep these tips in mind to create a great-looking work environment. For more tips on how you can increase productivity and grow your business, call Founders Technology Group, LLC today. We offer office relocation and IT consulting services to bring your business one step closer to success.