5 Ways IT can boost employee satisfaction

5 Ways IT can boost employee satisfaction

Worker engagement and satisfaction are key to business success. Raising employee satisfaction can help you retain your best talents, leading to higher company profits and a greater competitive edge.

On top of a tempting benefits package, upskilling opportunities, and quality management, technology plays a key role in boosting workplace satisfaction. Having the right software, hardware, support, and maintenance in place not only keeps your business ahead of the curve, but also helps employees be their most productive, innovative selves.

Here are the most notable ways that IT boosts employee satisfaction.

1. Encourage more efficient collaboration

Regular communication and collaboration can help boost employee engagement as well as foster positive, productive relationships in the workplace.

Investing in the right digital platforms and software can help your workers share files, manage projects, and keep in the loop of operations more efficiently, wherever they are. Platforms such as Microsoft 365 have made document sharing and collaboration easier than before. It has OneDrive as a centralized storage system and online versions of popular Microsoft productivity apps like Word and Excel where users can collaborate on the same documents.

Plus, with project management tools like Microsoft Planner, Asana, and Trello, employees can stay up to date on projects and sync up with team members in a few quick clicks.

2. Enable safe, productive telecommuting

Having the right tech in place can enable more efficient teleworking, giving your business a major boost in productivity. Business messaging platforms like Microsoft Teams and Slack, for instance, offer file sharing, audio/video conferencing, and a host of other communication features to bring team members closer together even if they’re literally miles apart.

Not only do remote work opportunities lead to a 24% greater likelihood of happier, more productive employees, but they also alleviate the stress of long commutes and the occasional inability to make it to the office.

Whether they’ve got an appointment with a plumber or have family members that need attending to, quality IT allows your workers to complete tasks and meet deadlines from the comfort of their own home.

3. Provide mobile learning opportunities

Research shows that 42% of American employees deem upskilling opportunities as a top priority when choosing a new employer.

IT provides your workers with opportunities to undertake online classes, courses, and attend webinars and digital conferences. This benefits both ends by providing employees with the professional development they’re after and keeping the skills of your workforce up to date and competitive.

By investing in their abilities, your workers will also feel valued, building on their loyalty to and satisfaction with your company.

4. Grant you and your employees peace of mind with quality cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a key element of quality IT. It keeps your confidential data safe and helps retain both employee and customer trust.

Demonstrate responsible management of private data by investing in trusted cybersecurity solutions. You’ll grant your workers and client base peace of mind, while ensuring all devices and digital platforms are at optimum performance. High-quality security additionally prevents the extensive downtime associated with data breaches, which can lead to high levels of employee stress and damaging productivity levels.

5. Gamify the workplace

Lastly, having innovative tech in place allows you to “gamify” processes in the workplace.

This involves crafting a system that publicly rewards and acknowledges workers for their efforts, incentivizing them to complete specific tasks or day-to-day activities. This leads to a sharp boost in employee motivation, participation, and morale while fostering positive connections and friendly competition in the workplace.

Keeping your business’s hardware and software up to date leads to greater data security, employee productivity, and workplace engagement. With our IT consulting and managed IT services at Founders Technology, you and your workers can enjoy the latest solutions in tech and run your business optimally. Call us today.