Creative social media content ideas for your business

Creative social media content ideas for your business

In today’s media-driven world, content is king. With online users spending an average of two and half hours per day on social media, such platforms have unsurprisingly grown into hotbeds of branded and business content. In fact, 93% of businesses are active on Facebook alone, with 60 million new local pages created in 2019.

But with such sites hosting billions of new posts per day, how will your company stand out?
We explore some tried-and-true types of creative content below, helping you reach new audiences and build a larger following online.

Establish a friendly, relatable image

Customers want a business they can trust and easily reach out to. Let your online profiles be an easy point of communication for potential clients or customers. Create posts that address your audience and publish engaging questions, polls, or topics to spur discussion in the comments. Be sure to respond to their interactions, as this also gives you valuable insight into audience demographics, expectations, and behavior.

Of course, keep it authentic. Manufacturing a “relatable,” approachable image through forced, overly pandering content may turn off some users. It’s best to genuinely share your company values with followers, rather than patronize them for engagement.

Host contests

A popular, effective way of keeping your social media audience engaged is to host an occasional contest online. These can range from simple giveaways — where users typically like, share, and tag friends on one of your brand posts for a chance to win freebies — to full-blown competitions encouraging users to submit a piece of creative work.

Whatever their premise may be, online contests are a win-win for both brand and customer: you gain further engagement through more social media exposure, and your customers get a chance at brand-exclusive incentives and free products.

Announce your events and company news

Keeping your social media profiles updated with the latest company promotions, events, and news offers a sense of transparency among your audience and builds a trustworthy, authentic image. By keeping your followers in the loop, you’re helping them build loyalty to your brand loyalty.

Post an occasional behind-the-scenes photo or video highlighting your company culture, or share a fun, quirky fact about your brand every now and again. Celebrate milestones, and spotlight any significant upcoming events (i.e., a scheduled sale, new products, or holiday promotions). By nurturing a brand persona rather than sharing cold, templated posts, you have a better chance at building an active, devoted fanbase.

Make use of user-generated content

User-generated content, or UCG, is any content created by individuals or followers of a brand rather than by the brand itself.

UCG provides quality social media content, and reposting some nurtures your company's relationship with its audience. Featured users will be elated to have their content highlighted on your page, inspiring loyalty.

Encouraging UCG can be done in multiple ways, though the most common tactic is by sharing a brand-exclusive hashtag. Followers can then use this tag to submit their content for potential features.

For example, one campaign by cosmetics company Burt’s Bees encouraged customers to share a photo of their favorite brand item on social media and use the hashtag “#myburtsbees”. Those who used the hashtag had a chance to be featured on the brand’s social media and official website.

Partner with influencers

Last but not least: explore what the online influencers have to offer. With the rise of influencer marketing, there’s likely a popular internet figure for every niche — including yours.
By collaborating with other, well-known profiles on social media, you’ll have the potential to expand your audience to new, interested demographics.

Working with influencers can be as simple as requesting them to promote your products — or have them temporarily run your profile altogether (also known as “influencer takeovers”). However, it’s important to partner with those who fit your brand and know it well, as this keeps their endorsement natural, authentic, and convincing.

Don’t forget to stay safe online!

While social media has opened up numerous doors for business opportunities, the online realm poses plenty of security risks. To ensure productive, uninterrupted online activity as well as brand image protection, it's important to establish proper safeguards. Founders Technology Group offers a wide range of IT security solutions to keep businesses safe and efficient online. Avoid falling prey to scheming hackers and cybercriminals — get in touch with our experts today.