How can an outsourced CIO improve my business?

How can an outsourced CIO improve my business?

Chief Information Officers (CIOs) assist with a business’s technological needs, ensuring the proper investments are made to maintain efficiency, productivity, and competitive edge. They manage these areas at the executive level, providing advice on policies, procedures, and the latest industry trends.

As in-house CIOs typically come with a hefty price tag, organizations now commonly outsource their expertise, acquiring their advice, assistance, and management skills without having to hire full-time staff.

Below, we explore the main benefits of outsourcing a CIO for your business, and how Founders Technology Group can help.

Improved ROI analysis

The ability to objectively measure and assess a business's ROI using technology is the top advantage of outsourcing a CIO. Working as an executive-level consultant, an outsourced CIO examines both the financial and workplace value of technology without bias, helping managers craft strategic IT plans for meeting their short- and long-term technological needs. They also ensure that a business gets the quality tech investments it needs while staying on budget. Throughout their work, they aim to educate executives on the value of such technologies across all areas of business.

Their assistance allows companies to have optimized and up-to-date IT, which boosts productivity, worker performance, and overall profits.

Greater business efficiency

Outsourced CIOs aim to modernize and improve existing business practices by helping organizations invest in the right IT tools and infrastructure. These professionals consistently look for new ways to improve current processes, often recommending and implementing new technologies to automate mundane or repetitive tasks.

With quality technology, businesses can enjoy a greater boost in workplace efficiency. The right IT tools also help streamline workflows, allowing employees to focus on more critical activities. With optimized processes and improved staff productivity, you can expect increased output and high-quality results.

Competitive advantage

Staying on top of IT trends and developments is necessary for organizations to remain competitive in the fast-paced business landscape. Outsourced CIOs can help keep business abreast of the latest industry news and advancements, and recommend the best technologies to optimize processes. They can also train staff on how to use new technology to ensure smooth deployment.

What’s more, these experts not only help with adopting the latest physical technologies, but also assist with improving an organization’s cybersecurity strategy. This is especially important if you’re in a tightly regulated industry like healthcare or finance, where clients expect a high standard of data protection from businesses. With cybercrime damages rising by the year, it pays to stay updated on the latest cybersecurity tools and practices to ensure thorough data protection.

Long-term scalability

Outsourced CIOs help strategize for future business success, ensuring that all of an organization's current and future investments support its long-term goals and objectives. While CIOs may implement technology to achieve short-term wins, they also prepare and maintain the current IT infrastructure to sustain lasting business growth.

Lower hiring costs

Finally, partnering with an outsourced CIO can help your business save unnecessary hiring, onboarding, and training costs. The solution is prevalent among start-ups and smaller organizations, as such companies typically lack the budget or resources to bring a full-time CIO on board.

By outsourcing a CIO, business executives gain access to a wider, more diverse talent pool unhindered by geographical limitations. Because outsourced CIOs don't have to physically report to the office, businesses can choose from skilled outsourced CIOs across the globe.

In need of an outsourced CIO?

Founders Technology Group provides highly skilled, outsourced CIOs to help your business meet its current and future goals. We’ll get your company up to speed on new industry trends and developments, so you can make financial decisions that don’t break the bank.

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