Why should nonprofits get managed IT services?

Why should nonprofits get managed IT services?

Nonprofit organizations (NPOs) rely heavily on IT for their operations. They use IT to engage with their supporters online, manage their finances, and store and access important data. However, many NPOs don't have the budget or staff to effectively manage their IT needs. The good news is that NPOs like yours can turn to managed IT services providers (MSPs).

What is a managed IT services provider?

An MSP is a company that offers outsourced IT services, including help desk support, network monitoring and maintenance, cybersecurity, cloud migration, and IT consulting, among others — depending on their clients' needs.

Why should nonprofit organizations leverage managed IT services?

By partnering with an MSP, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Cost savings

Partnering with an MSP is more cost-effective than hiring in-house IT staff. The average annual salary of an IT specialist in Connecticut, for example, is $84,799. This rate doesn’t yet include other hiring-related costs, such as paid leaves, health insurance, equipment, and training. And since IT is such a broad field, you’ll typically need more than one IT employee to cover all your bases.

In contrast, an MSP can manage all of your technology needs for a fixed monthly fee, which helps keep costs predictable and manageable. Moreover, when you work with an MSP, you get to tap into their pool of technicians from various IT fields. This means you can get the right help for any IT concern without breaking the bank.

What's more, with managed IT services, you can save on costs associated with purchasing hardware and software. This is because MSPs often have strategic partnerships with major IT vendors, enabling them to pass on discounts on hardware, software, and other IT solutions to their clients.

Improved productivity and efficiency

An MSP will manage the day-to-day operations of your IT, ensuring that your technology is always up to date and running optimally. Should you encounter any issues, they are available to help you resolve the issue as swiftly as possible. This means your IT systems will always remain accessible, enabling your employees to work without any interruption and increase their productivity.

Moreover, an MSP can streamline your workflows and automate processes, which helps your employees become more efficient.

Access to the latest technologies

Partnering with an MSP gives you access to the latest technologies, such as AI-powered solutions and Internet of Things devices, that can help improve your NPO’s operations. This enables you to better serve your beneficiaries, supporters, and other stakeholders.

Enhanced security and compliance

Since NPOs frequently collect donations, they are prime targets for cyberattacks. Fortunately, an MSP can bolster your organization’s cyber defenses by implementing advanced security solutions, such as next-generation firewalls, anti-malware software, and intrusion prevention systems. They can also monitor your network 24/7 for any suspicious activities and cyberthreats. You can then rest easy knowing that your data and systems are safe and secure at all times.

Furthermore, an MSP can help you become compliant with relevant data privacy and security regulations and standards like PCI DSS, letting you avoid hefty fines or other penalties due to noncompliance.

Scalable IT services

There may be times during the year, such as during your annual fundraising gala, when you may require more IT support. With managed IT services, you can easily scale up your support package when you need extra help and scale it down once things normalize.

To enjoy the abovementioned benefits, partner with a reliable MSP like Founders Technology Group. We specialize in providing technology solutions and services for nonprofit organizations. Get in touch with us today.