Why your small business needs security awareness training

Why your small business needs security awareness training

Many owners of small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still mistakenly believe that cybercriminals only go after large enterprises. However, the opposite is true: SMBs are increasingly getting targeted because they typically have less robust cybersecurity measures than bigger businesses. This makes them easier to hack, and they can also serve as gateways to the IT systems of larger companies they work with.

The impacts of a cyberattack on an SMB can be devastating. The business can suffer financial losses, severed customer relationships, and reputational damage. In some cases, a cyberattack can even drive an SMB to close its doors for good.

To protect your SMB from cyberattacks, it's critical that you strengthen your cybersecurity posture. One of the key ways to do so is by conducting security awareness training.

Why is security awareness training necessary for SMBs?

Security awareness training involves educating employees about the various cybersecurity threats they may encounter and teaching them how to respond to these threats appropriately. Here are the most compelling reasons your SMB should invest in security awareness training:

Human error is a significant risk

Studies have shown that a considerable percentage of cybersecurity incidents are caused by human error. Employees may unknowingly fall victim to social engineering scams and divulge sensitive information such as login credentials, putting the entire organization at risk. By providing comprehensive security awareness training, you empower your employees to recognize potential threats and adopt safer online practices, helping minimize the chance of data breaches.

Compliance is a must

Depending on your industry and location, there might be specific cybersecurity regulations that your business must adhere to. Security awareness training can help ensure that your employees are aware of these regulations and understand their role in compliance. For instance, security awareness training teaches employees to identify and promptly report potential security threats. This is crucial in achieving compliance because some regulations require businesses to report data breaches within a specified time frame.

Insider threats must be mitigated

While small businesses often foster a close-knit work environment, insider threats cannot be ignored. Through security awareness training, employees become more adept at recognizing potential insider threat indicators, such as sudden changes in behavior, unusual requests for sensitive information, or unauthorized access to restricted areas or data. These allow them to report any suspicious activity at once, enabling early intervention and investigation.

Also, security awareness training ensures that employees understand the organization's security policies and procedures. When everyone knows what is expected of them and how to handle and access sensitive data, it becomes easier to identify deviations and potential security breaches.

Customers trust SMBs to protect their data

Customers place their trust in SMBs to safeguard their data, and security awareness training is an essential factor in establishing and preserving this trust. As customers become more informed about cybersecurity threats, they seek reassurance that the businesses they interact with are taking appropriate measures to protect their data. When an SMB shows its commitment to data security through security awareness training and other cybersecurity initiatives, the business's reputation and credibility are bolstered in the eyes of the customers.

These are just some reasons why your SMB should include security awareness training in your cybersecurity strategy. Do note that there are many security awareness training programs available, so you can choose one that best fits your business needs. Some programs are delivered online, while others are facilitated in person. Some programs are focused on general security awareness, while others are more specialized, such as in-depth training on how to spot phishing emails.

No matter what type of security awareness training you choose, make sure that its scope and contents are updated regularly. With the cyberthreat landscape in constant flux, it's vital to keep your employees well-informed about the latest tricks cybercriminals have up their sleeves.

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