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The importance of security audits

Organizations can’t afford to be complacent with their cybersecurity. Beyond installing the latest cybersecurity tools, you need to conduct a security audit to ensure that you successfully implement a sound defensive strategy. Auditing and the security strategy Audits are necessary to ensure and maintain system quality and integrity. These system checks help identify security gaps […]

5 Tips to lower your printing costs

Your growing printing expenditures may be the result of overdependence on paper files, the lack of an effective printing workflow, or obsolete printers. With some fresh ideas, clever problem-solving, and the following tips, you could significantly cut down your printing budget. Replace outdated printers Your years-old printer may still be getting the job done, but […]

Power BI helps you make better business decisions

People have always been intrigued by what the future holds. But while seers use crystal balls and tarot cards to get a glimpse of what’s to come, business leaders shouldn’t have to base their business forecasts on pseudoscience. Instead, they should use a scientific tool that collects and analyzes data to do reliable predictive forecasting, […]

4 Tips for improving your marketing efforts in 2021

With the global pandemic boosting digital consumerism to new heights, it’s important to tailor your marketing efforts for the year ahead.

2020 saw a significant rise in social media engagement, AI-driven customer service, and eCommerce activity due to the economic impact of COVID-19. As the world works toward recovery, we break down our top tips for bolstering your marketing tactics and adapting to the new business landscape in 2021 below.

4 Data backup solutions for your business

Modern businesses use data in almost every aspect of their operations. Without immediate and constant access to it, organizations will come to a grinding halt. That’s why it’s critical to have data backups — in the event of a disaster, companies risk losing valuable data if they don’t have backup strategies in place. Here are […]

Improve internet security with these easy tips

With over four billion internet users around the globe totaling roughly 59% of the population, the internet is rife with opportunities for hackers to steal users’ information. And with technology constantly evolving and the internet growing, it’s not likely to get safer anytime soon. It therefore pays to take extra precautions when surfing the web. […]

Cybersecurity lessons we learned from 2020

COVID-19 has redefined the global workplace, forcing many businesses to adopt new tools and practices to ensure worker safety. The pandemic has also shone light on the crucial importance of cybersecurity, with digital crimes rising as remote work is normalized (leaving employees more vulnerable to online attacks).

According to a 2020 study, as companies shifted to telecommuting arrangements, the number of unsecured remote desktops rose to over 40%. This was then followed by a 400% surge in brute force remote desktop protocol cyberattacks in March and April.

How Office Delve works

More and more small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are relying on Microsoft 365 as their productivity suite of choice. When this software solution was released years ago, the developers touted it as the ideal tool to help employees become more productive, collaborate more efficiently, and complete tasks on time. Bringing all these elements together is […]