5 benefits cloud computing can bring your small- or medium-sized business

5 benefits cloud computing can bring your small- or medium-sized business

Cloud computing is no longer a foreign concept to business owners. Instead, it has grounded itself at the forefront of technology resources that many small- and medium-sized businesses consider crucial to their growth. The only exceptions are companies that lack the adequate information about the benefits that come with adoption.

Businesses operating in our increasingly digital world face stiff competition since everyone is constantly trying to one-up and outspend each other. Thankfully, money isn't all it takes to gain a technological edge.

Cloud computing has become one of the most coveted technology solutions, and with the advent of pay-for-what-you-use IT providers businesses haven’t wasted any time jumping on board. As previously mentioned, the benefits of cloud technology are numerous, but there are five that pretty much seal the deal.

Access to new technologies

With software as a service (SaaS), the latest versions of the applications you need to facilitate business operations (e.g., Microsoft Office) are made made available as soon as they are released. Instead of going to a brick-and-mortar store, purchasing the software, and installing it, everything you need to use it is available over the internet.

Staff are also provided with automatic upgrades that help boost productivity. Also, with SaaS, software enhancements are released quite frequently. This is in contrast to purchased software, which might have only one major annual upgrade.


The costs of cloud computing are much more affordable when compared with traditional technology options. That's because companies pay only for the server and infrastructural capacity they use. If you have an onsite server and you need to run a program, the cost of doing so includes huge hardware expenditures. In the cloud, you merely pay a service fee for the computing power you require.

This flexibility also allows you to request more capacity for peak times and de-provision when it's no longer needed. Beyond just the hardware requirements of traditional computer systems, you’re also saving on power consumption and available space.

Greater flexibility

The cloud gives you access to work-related files and information from Internet-enabled devices from anywhere, at anytime. Both employers and employees can benefit from being able to work outside the office simply by accessing secure web apps.

This increased mobility and flexibility also helps reduce costs: small-business owners have the option of implementing a BYOD (bring your own device) policy, and since employees are able to work on their own devices, you don't need to purchase more equipment.

Going green

Many organizations are making an effort to reduce their carbon footprint, and with cloud computing, your company does just that. Besides being more energy-efficient, the cloud reduces the number of data centers worldwide and optimizes business operations, reducing the impact on the environment.

Data management capabilities

The clustered nature of cloud storage ensures improved data backup and data recovery when faced with a disaster or power outage. Workload balancing capabilities that come with cloud services also ensure that your most important data is always optimized for quick access and retrieval. Cloud computing is a viable option for companies with insufficient funds for purchasing equipment or the budget to maintain an IT department that can manage Big Data in-house.

Cloud computing helps simplify work processes, reduce costs, boost employee productivity and enhance your return on investment. Our Cloud Services will help make your transition to the cloud a seamless, positive and profitable experience. If you’re interested in adopting the cloud, feel free to give Founders Technology Group a call. We’re more than happy to help!