5 reasons small businesses need backup & disaster recovery

5 reasons small businesses need backup & disaster recovery

Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are unique, because they cater to specific markets within a local community. As a small-business owner, you have a responsibility to protect whatever data you gather from your customers. In fact, data protection should be on top of your priority list.
One way to protect your data is to back it up and store it in the cloud. The cloud is where servers are hosted and maintained by a company that specializes in IT management in an offsite facility. This kind of a backup and disaster recovery plan not only protects your data, but also helps your business in a variety of other ways.

1. Business continuity

Disasters can strike anyone, but you can mitigate their impact when they happen to you. In the event of a catastrophe like fire or flood, your trusted IT management solutions provider will know what to do. They will implement a business continuity plan specifying the actions your staff should undertake to secure salvaged files and prevent further data loss. They will also restore and recover the latest version of your files, so you can continue doing business as usual.

2. Quick response to malware infection

Malware renders data unusable by corrupting it. If you have a backup and recovery plan, malware attacks should be manageable. When malware makes it into your system and compromises your files, you can just delete the infected files along with the malware, clean your system to make sure that the malware has left no trace, and restore the files you need from your backup data.

3. Less downtime

When a user accidentally deletes or overrides a file, business gets interrupted. No matter how brief, downtime can disrupt workflow and delay the delivery of services. If it happens all too often, downtime translates to a long period of business inactivity, and time lost translates to revenue lost. Easy-to-access backup files allow you to restore information in the shortest time possible.

4. Customer satisfaction

Small businesses take pride in their close relationships with their customers. If you work in the legal, healthcare, and hospitality industries, your customers trust you to protect their confidential information. Never losing their data means you’ll never lose your customers’ trust.

5. Compliance with local and federal laws

The State of Connecticut stipulates that businesses must protect their consumers’ data in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s data privacy guidelines. Whether the nature of your business is covered by this statute or not, it is best to be prepared in case the law changes in the future.

Having a dedicated team of IT experts oversee your backup and recovery plan has many benefits that allow your business to pick up right where it let off after an accident or an unwanted interruption.

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